When we started Reistor, we knew that in order to be sustainable we would need to challenge conventional manufacturing methods. Keeping this in mind, we committed to giving 50% of our production to NGOs like Srujna in order to help upskill women and provide them with sustainable livelihoods. 

Srujna believes that every woman should have the resources and abilities to live a meaningful life and they achieve this by providing skills, knowledge and training to women from marginalised communities. Slowly, these women become confident, contributing members of society and are able to hopefully escape the constraints of poverty.

We started working with Srujna from day one of our production process and although it’s not possible to give out 100% of this, it’s something we’re working toward. We spoke to a few of the trainers and women who have been stitching our garments at Srujna and here’s what they had to say:

“My name is Kavita and I work as a trainer with Srujna. We want these women to learn how to stitch and be able to make their own money, to not have to depend on anyone. That’s the goal for us. So far, we’ve only worked with small orders but being able to work for Reistor has been great for us. It’s a real brand and we learn new things about designs and stitching through this.”

“It takes a lot of strength for a woman to take time out of her life and do something for herself. We are given the responsibility of our homes and children so it takes courage to take out time to work for yourself.”

“Nature is a very clean, pure element in our lives. I like that we’re using natural fabrics because we also need to support the world around us. It’s important to protect our planet or else we won’t have anyone to take care of us.”

We believe that engaging with our community in positive ways is integral to creating a cyclical, uplifting and ethical way of working. We hope to take this journey forward by leaps and bounds, and continue to share our successes with you!

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