• Sustainable Dyes

    Our garments are free from harmful chemicals and dyes and are safe for your skin. For dyeing Hemp, we use Oekotex® and bluesign® approved eco friendly AVITERA® SE dyes that are free from harsh chemicals such as para-chloroaniline (PCA). AVITERA® SE low carbon footprint dyes use significantly less water and energy during the dying process thereby helping reduce environmental impact (REI).

  • Trimmings

    To keep the use of non-biodegradable materials in our production process to a minimum, we have replaced traditional synthetic buttons with natural wooden buttons that can be recycled back into the environment. There is no use of elastic or virgin polyester in our garments. In most of our outfits, our sewing thread is 100% biodegradable cotton. In most of our outfits, we use a 100% biodegrable cotton sewing thread.


We are proud to be a part of the sustainable packaging revolution and not the plastic problem. Our reusable garment bags are part of our goal to reduce environmental impact (REI). We have also incorporated the use of home compostable courier bags and seed tags that can be used to grow plants.